Live your destined life through...

Clinical Hypnotherapy


I am passionate and committed to helping liberate clients from anxiety, depression, confidence, fears & phobias, habits, weight management, sleep issues, IBS, anger, pain management, smoking, public speaking, performance or lifes many challenges so you can experience more freedom, joy and improve the overall quality of their lives.  Sometimes the immediate problem may not be so obvious and it's hard to pinpoint the exact reason for our feelings. Our subconscious mind is highly powerful and can take on beliefs about ourselves that are not true, preventing us to live life as we desire.

I don't make promises, I create breakthroughts.

I am fully qualified to help both adults also children (inc. Paediatric Hypnotherapy Diploma) and has an Enhanced DBS.

Hypnotherapy is a proven successful, powerful complimentary therapy that can help break down limiting beliefs and blockages in which the mind has built up over time. ​Unlike other forms of talking therapies, my hypnotherapy utilises a combination of many techniques with hypnosis to treat problems at their core.

Sometimes, the problems are rooted far in our past. Nicola is also qualified in Past Life Regression.