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Life Purpose and Well-being

What is your life purpose? Do you need help with your achievements?

Life Purpose and Well-being

Sometimes we need to just be able to take a step back and relax. The evidence shows that just 15-20 minutes of hypnosis can reduce daily stresses by 80%. During hypnotherapy we can suspend false beliefs, assumptions, fears, doubts and just connect with ourselves. We use evidence based techniques so even if you come to see us without a particular issue, you will still gain benefits.

In a study by Hartland in which he used his famous “ego strengthening routine”, 70 people out of 100 reported to have improved in some way. One of the things that is amazing about this is Hartland never questioned these people as to what their issue was and over 70% still benefited in some way. You can rest assured that even just by engaging in hypnotherapy, you will find you improve and with our tried and tested methods, that is a guarantee.

When people have a sense of purpose in life, achievement, satisfaction and well being is a byproduct as you strive to achieve your goals. This can only occur when you have learnt to manage the other sections of your life. We often prioritise our time to one area of our life to the detriment of others. Have a look at the different areas below and rate them from 1-10 with how satisfied you feel about them.

Personal goal
Leisure time