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Panic attacks

Are your panic attacks taking over your life?

Panic attacks

Panic attacks can feel as though they’re occurring spontaneously, without any thought or trigger behind them. It is important to note you very rarely experience a pure feeling without any thought triggering those emotions. We can help identify and change those thoughts, which add to your disturbed feelings. During hypnotherapy we can deal with the emotional aspect so you begin to relate feelings of relaxation to those times where you used to feel anxious.

When you experience a panic attack, it’s because it is due to a natural response of fight or flight. Whenever you are in a new environment or sense any danger, the emotional part of our brain kicks in. It’s primary objective is to keep us safe, which is perfectly fine and normal for us, but when you relate those feelings to situations such as giving presentation or going to see the dentist, it is working falsely and irrationally. During hypnotherapy we can quickly eliminate this response.

When you have been dealing with panic attacks for so long, you can develop what is called a secondary disturbance, this is when you experience anxiety about anxiety, which contributes to those intense feelings. If you are worried about the potential of having a panic attack you increase its power. We help prepare for this by learning what the triggers are that cause those initial thoughts and feelings, we work at reducing those responses.

Symptoms of panic attacks include:
Feeling disorientated
Rapid, irregular heartbeats
Dry mouth,