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Girl 20. Life can be difficult and exhausing. Do things happen to you and not by you? Do you fear what others say and do? Has your self-confidence turned its back on you? If so, let Nicola's daugher, Emie-Lou help you as she knows exactly what you are going through. She has survived this and is back out in society helping others to get through this too. Emie-Lou is that Girl 20, saying that you are not alone and you can get through your teenage years using simple daily techniques. 
Topics include friendshis with Who's a snake and who ain't, Chewign the cud, Riot or retreat, Success sicknes and living this Insta-life is just not normal!

Girl 20 is for all, regardless of gender or age. We can all learn how to stop living a 'fail-assed life' and start living a 'full-assed' life instead.


 Write Yourself Right is a powerful book giving you a toolkit to help you understand yourself and how to write a life which you have only dreamed of.

You will tap into your own intuition to help yo uovercome emotional upheavals, resolve issues and rebuild your self-confidence through self-exploration and reflection.

The words we use become the worlds in which we create and live.  

Write Yourself Right will help you resolve stress, anxiety and daily life disturbances. You will learn so much about yourself, allowing you to take control of your destiny in order for you to be the best version of yourself.  Chapters include, Early morning writing, Self-writing, Angry writing, Judgemental writing, P***d Off Writing and much more. So, if you want to rewrite your life, then do this with Nicola Ball and Write Yourself Right. 


Matt P

 I wish that this openness was around in my Teens as my journey may have been different, and who knows my struggles less immersive. I know my daughter will identify with every page and hopefully realise that she is not alone in her anxiety and that she can be the amazing, courageous, brave, confident & successful person that I see - but this is her journey and I hope that she can now see this book as a companion to help her realise that being ok is absolutely fine.
Thank you Emie and Nicky for not only helping a middle aged man but for also allowing my daughter to see the possibilities.... Matt

Estelle B

Although this book is a journey through the eyes of a young woman- it is a no nonsense, easy read and the stages of understanding will resonate with many. The strategies explained in the final section are ‘doable’ and can easily be fit into your life rather than on that everlasting to do list that never gets done.

Basically brilliant!!

Peter W

This book is Amazing , it's well written
and you can relate so much to this book. You will have had some of the feelings at some point in your life and the strategies to help you over come them and Anxiety really work . Ive ordered 2 books one for the kindle and one for my daughter who suffers with anxiety and all the strategies that are suggested will help . A MUST TO READ.