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Sleep problems

Do you have trouble going to sleep or getting enough sleep?

Sleep problems

Helping us process the day, rest and heal, sleep has a huge impact on our overall health and well-being. When we become sleep deprived, we can start feeling exhausted, lacking in motivation and can even be more easily overwhelmed by stress. After a prolonged period of poor sleep, both mental health and physical health can be affected. This can lead to conditions such as depression, heart disease, and diabetes.

We know that sleep is important - but for some of us, it isn’t as easy as just getting an early night. Problems sleeping can make sleep elusive and anxiety-inducing.

One of the most enormous benefits of hypnotherapy is the level of relaxation you can experience. We can help alleviate thoughts and make sleep a more natural process for you, teaching you how to not engage with thoughts that prevent you from sleeping.

The more you try and force sleep, the less likely it will happen. We can teach you strategies to enable your mind to take a step back and to go with the flow instead of allowing your mind to continually churn.

Allow me to help guide you deep into relaxation and to teach you how to be able to really enjoy relaxing, without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.