The focus is on you

Sometimes, taking action is hard.
I am here to tell you that the world actually needs you!
You are here for a purpose that only you can give. You have the most amazing atributes that others need.
So, take a few moments to find out what you need, right here and now.
You are here, for a reason and that reason is to live your destined, bad-assed life. 


Take back control of your Life

Are you ready to harness the power of your thoughts, feelings, and actions?

Hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic state to work with you to make a change, that you believe will help your life in a more meaningful way. By combining therapy and hypnosis your ability to receive and act on suggestions can be enhanced and strengthened, therefore the change you desire is more likely to be achieved.

Your customised hypnotherapy experience begins with you

Change your words, and you can change your life.

Check out the Hypnotherapy page to find out more.


Your energy is a huge part of you.

Reiki is the transfer of energy through the practitioner to you: your body recognises the energy and sets it to work both to relax you and to accelerate your body’s natural ability to bring balance and healing to you and your life.


Reiki is great for dissolving stress and anxiety, and for emotional wellbeing. It can provide support during periods of change, and with challenges in life, such as illness, disease or injury. It works well in conjunction with other therapies and conventional medicine. Reiki provides a means of letting go of heavy emotions and the stressful clutter that we carry around. It can help with creative blocks, negativity and unresolved feelings from the past, enabling you to live life in the present.

When you arrive for your session, we will spend some time talking about why you have come, what you hope to get out of our time together, and what your own intuition is telling you about what you need to create the life you dream for yourself.

Life Coaching

The world needs that special gift that only you have, and it all starts with you.


When you invest in yourself, miracles happen in front of your eyes. It is as if the blindfold has been lifted and you finally realise the full potential you were destined to live.

Each you is unique and therefore your programme is designed exclusively for you and your needs.


We utilise a toolkit of strategies to help you get exactly what you want, give you the courage to achieve and also the confidence to do and be anything you want to do and be. 

It doesn’t matter what you want to create, experience or make happen. I hold an unshakeable belief in your possibility.  I work with humility, empathy, passion and focus -- we can work together to make just about anything come into your life that you want to be there.

Check out the Life Coaching page to find out more.

Trust is everything

I am honest with all of my customers and my audience.

If my programs aren’t right for you, I’ll say so.

You will get a free consultation prior to your booking where we can determine what treatment is right for you; this can be done either face to face or via Zoom.

You will know exactly what we are working on, the number of sessions and the price before we start.

Contact me using this button and we can start your free consultation.