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NQT – Necessary, Quality Teammate!

Congratulations, you made it! You’ve been scrutinised every single week, you’ve poured precious time into planning, preparing, putting on a smiling face when all you want to do is sleep, been tested, guided, moulded, changed, have learned, taught, surpassed even your own expectation of yourself and now you are on your own – you have been given your own class.

Yes, you are a Newly, Qualified Teacher but deep down inside there will always be a part of you that is Nauseously, Quakingly Terrified. Over the last week, I have read lots of blogs where NQTs have been sharing their fears, asking and seeking advice worrying about many different situations that might happen. Let’s think about this a little differently. The leader of your school has chosen YOU to work in their school. Not because they feel sorry for you, not because you were cheap, not because ‘there was nobody else, so they might as well’, you were chosen because of you and your qualities. NQTs bring so much to the whole body of a school in ways which you will never realise! From this point on in this blog, let’s refer to NQT as Necessary, Quality Teammate. You are essential to your new school.

Necessary, quality teammates bring to their new school a fresh new approach; you jazz up other people’s thinking and inspire new ideas. You are creatively conscientious, taking on the school vision with passion, determination with fresh inspiration. Teachers who have been teaching between three to four years will look up to you. They will still remember what it was like to be given their class for the first time, yet they may have lost that inspiration for trailing out new strategies, new techniques and just throwing themselves into the moment. You will pep up their teaching just by being you.

Necessary, quality teammates will also bring new ways in which the leaders can learn from you too. Just because your new Head has a vision, it doesn’t mean that they are not open to ideas. You have been given the best CPD anyone can have by going into many different schools and taking the best bits of all of them. When you are a leader of a school, you don’t get out much but that search for something new is still there in us all. So, share new ideas with your leadership team, they will love to learn from you too.

In return, you will be supported by all around you. They will pick you up when you are down, they will share all their knowledge with you, they will take your children when you need a break, they will continue to give you the best CPD that they can. Enjoy your year and remember, you are surrounded by people who care – be kind to yourself too.

Always remember, you are that NQT - Necessary, Quality Teammate.

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