Breaking Bad Habits by understanding your Why!

We all have our routines and sometimes, we are not even aware of them. Have a little think about how you wake up in the morning. Is there a pattern to your routine? Do you do the same thing every day? Ask yourself, if you did something slightly different within this routine, would it take you off guard? And by taking you off guard, would it change your mood, or even change the performance of your day? A dictionary definition for a habit stated that it is ‘a usual way of behaving: something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way.’ By looking at our lives through this definition, it can bring more meaning to us as a person.

There are so many amazing self-help books out there that are encouraging us to create new, healthy habits. But before we go searching for our new habit, we need to be aware of the ones in which we already have.

Many of our daily actions are habitual, they are repeated activities, repeated behaviours that started with really good intentions. Some of our repeated habits and behaviours are still good, so why break what is good? However, some of the things in which we are doing daily are automatically driven from our subconscious mind and we are not even aware that our brilliant mind is working on automatic pilot. Even though our mind can tell us things in which we do not want to hear, we need to understand that our subconscious mind does what it does with the intention to keep us safe and survive.

When looking at your habitual actions, are they making you happy? The Universe has a funny little way of helping us to grow, by putting us in the same situation repeatedly. It can feel a little bit like a ‘Groundhog Day’ forcing us back to situations, thoughts and actions which can hurt us, distress us and even possibly, nearly break us; but until we face these habits and situations face on, they could potentially break us before we break them.

When we are aware of these patterns, they can be so hard wired within our minds, that our critical mind can keep feeding us the same untruths that we cannot stop these thoughts and actions. We tell ourselves that we are weak. We tell ourselves that we are not strong enough. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough. We tell ourselves that we are not enough. Do we tell ourselves that no matter how many times we have tried in the past, we just cannot change so why bother now? These negative thoughts create distress, unworthiness, stress, anger, anxiety and even depression. Our own thoughts create the pain, and our pain is holding us back.

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, Why? shows us how great leaders inspire action and we all want to be the great leader of our life, right? Sinek made a personal discovery in how the world worked and ultimately, how he now operates his life within this world in which we share. He found that there was a pattern in which many inspirational change leaders used, a good pattern, a pattern of thinking and acting, and they all behaved in exactly the same way to create inspirational change. To depict it, Sinek calls it the ‘Golden Circle’, two circles inside a third, looking at little like a target. He shares that the outer ring states WHAT we do, and we know that we do it. The middle circle is called HOW, and we also know how we are thinking, acting, and behaving. But the inner circle is called the WHY. Do you know WHY you are thinking the way in which you do, act in the way in which you do and therefore, behave in the way in which you do? Sinek is challenging all of us, whether we are in business or just in the business of living, to understand our WHY. By understanding our WHY, we are understanding our purpose, our cause, our belief. Why are you doing the job in which you do? Why are you repeating the same actions as you do? Why are you feeling the way you do? You see, I have a little saying, ‘your reality flows where your energy goes’. Why are you putting energy behind the very thoughts and actions that are holding you back and why are you putting energy behind the very thoughts and actions that without breaking them, will eventually break you? People do not buy into us because of what we do, but why we do it.

By choosing WHY, we are acting and communicating from the inside out. By choosing to look at our rituals form the inside out, we can break our unwanted habits. By reprogramming our minds, reframing what we are doing to why we are doing it, brings us freedom from the inside out. We therefore no longer need to look to the outside world to bring a new hack into our lives to make us happy on the inside. By looking at a certain situation in which causes us distress, re-frami

ng the meaning behind this situation, making inner changes right at the point of need, understanding the why, we find freedom. Re-framing what to why will bring you success. It is clear to see that through this, there is also no ‘want’ in going back. You have made your change. Without being scientific, the brain is an amazing muscle and has the power to change, have self-regulation, ability to adapt but only if we replace the mind with something after we have taken something away. By re-framing at the point of need, we are reconnecting the synapses in our brain, so it does not feel the ‘lack’. You will have more drive, feel more connected, feel more alive and feel free. Using hypnosis allows this process to happen quickly with astonishing results.

To break your unwanted habits, discover WHAT is the trigger to the unwanted behaviour, ask yourself WHAT is the unwanted actions in which you are doing? Then, WHAT is the communication you are telling yourself? Now, tip this questioning on its head and ask what is your WHY... Why are you getting up in the morning doing the same thing that you hate? Why are you believing what you do when it causes you so much pain? And then, what is my new WHY? Why am I alive?

Why… your purpose, your reason, your thoughts, your actions, and your behaviours… your new you.

What is my why? I am here to help everyone live their full life potential in which their own soul believes it should be living. What is your why?

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