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Selective Eating Disorder now known as ARFID (Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) is a condition where a person avoids certain foods or types of food, often having a restricted intake in terms of overall amount eaten, or both.

Someone suffering from ARFID might be avoiding and/or restricting their intake for a number of different reasons. This may be because of the taste, texture, smell and even appearance of certain foods. The idea of eating any food that isn’t ‘safe’ can make them feel panicky or sick. The illness can impact their health because they are not getting the nutrients in which they need.

Significant levels of fear or worry about eating certain types of food can lead to avoidance of food based on concerns about the consequences of eating.

If you experience these symptoms, then you may be suffering from a SED / ARFID.

Your system has associated certain foods as unsafe and views them just as it would a dangerous predator. It will fight to avoid contact with these foods regardless of how much you try and reassure yourself that you will be okay.

The more this situation persists the greater the belief that you are “unable” to eat new foods because of the lack of past historical success.

Fortunately, I can help.