Fears and Phobias



60 minutes


Fears and phobias can develop from a specific learned anxiety, ranging from clowns to fear of flying. These can be clearly differentiated from anxiety as the intensity of the feelings are so strong, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be changed.

We can develop these feelings from traumatic events we have experienced or from events we can perceive or imagine in the future. Our minds cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination, this is why you can still experience the same emotions just by picturing the event. When dealing with fears, our emotions are so powerful they bypass our critical and rational thinking, this is why it’s so difficult to ask someone to be rational throughout an emotional experience/episode.

During hypnotherapy, we can rapidly begin to change many aspects of the experience that lead up to your intense feelings. I can help you identify your false thoughts and ideas, and begin to change them so you develop a new healthier perspective. Together, we can suspend those powerful feelings of emotion and begin to replace them with a feeling of comfort and rid you of those old troublesome feelings.

It is not necessary to completely understand why you developed a fear or phobia, but we can focus on what we can do now to overcome it. If left untreated they can hold you back from achieving a normal lifestyle. Many people enjoy going on holiday abroad, but for some who have a fear of flying, it can be a daunting task of unnecessary worry and build up. We can help remove this feeling so you can really begin to just enjoy your life.

So what are some common symptoms?


Upset stomach




Common fears and phobias include:

Fear of flying

Fear of heights

Fear of spiders

Fear of blood

Fear of water

Fear of crowded spaces

Fear of being alone

and many more