Stop Smoking



Two sessions plus a top-up session


For many people, smoking is an unwanted habit they desperately want to kick – especially now that the public ban has made smoking so socially unacceptable. Yet despite a profound desire to get the monkey off their back, a great many smokers find it really hard to quit.

Lots of smokers have tried, often repeatedly, to end their dependency, only to succumb in a moment of weakness to ‘just the one’ and quickly find themselves hooked again. Even the heaviest smokers are often desperate to give up the habit.

When it comes to quitting this life-threatening habit for good, maybe being in a desperate place is a good thing because it will act as your driver for success.

I can help you if you are absolutely determined to eliminate cigarettes from your life forever. If you’re still on the fence, undecided or not sure then you will not get the impact you desire. Hypnotherapy to stop smoking has a fantastic success rate, but that success also requires total commitment on your part. People can stop after just two sessions, and some require a top-up session.

This programme will consist of two sessions with an additional top-up session for £175.